The following examples demonstrate the knowledge we have learned in our quest for affordable and innovative ways to control Audio and Visual Software.
We can assist anyone trying to build their own custom MIDI/OSC audio and visual controllers, with both Hardware and Touch screen methods available at nearly unnoticeable latency.

InfraRed Touch-screen Solutions:

We can build affordable Infra red touch screen computers that can handle OSC/MIDI messages from your custom software.
To control our Musical software, we use a program called LEMUR for android. There are many others available.
Lemur acts as a link to Reaktor 5 and USINE via OSC protocol, to our DAW via MIDI directly.
Any DAW software that uses MIDI can be used. But this is especially powerful for OSC connections.

A 5v Infrared controller is connected to a 5v Micro-controller, making it an extremely energy efficient method of audio controller which is easy to power (USB )
6 points of touch, no breakable screen, can be used outdoors, easily removable for multi-purpose functions.. alongside the incredible price in comparison to other touch screen options.

32″-72″ Panels are available. More information available soon

Custom Hardware MIDI Controllers

Made to specification USB midi controllers, totally customisable as to the users requirement.
More information soon.