Get Involved!

We need help in the following measures!

Audio samples and one-shot libraries:
Any budding or established producers out there who could help create a constantly shaping unique sound?
Taking from your backlog of productions and compositions, a great melody you wrote once, a great bass tone you designed in the past.. anything you think that can be cut up and re-used in a live environment.

We use modular sample banks with 128 sounds each. Although all contributions are welcome, I will find a way to specially thank anyone who provides a full 128 sample bank ensuring all end users are aware and appropriately linked to your music.


  • Vocal stabs and Single Words
  • Bass Stabs and Tuned notes (Low sustain)
  • Instrument hits and staccato
  • Instrument/Synth Single Chords (Low Sustain)
  • FX and Noises/Impacts
  • Computer Game Samples
  • Kick, Snare, HH, Ride, Crash Home recording libraries
  • Wild noises, Cartoon Capers, Random Sound Effects.

4 bar samples (bpm dependant – all samples welcome – where possible we work with 97.5bpm and 120bpm)

  • BEAT SAMPLES – all your home made beats, favourite sections cut into 4 bar sections
  • Vocal phrases, all genres
  • Chord Progressions
  • Synth Melodies
  • Bass Lines
  • Wind and Brass Instruments
  • World Instruments
  • Accapella Vocal Raps/Lines

All Samples should be in WAV format. Please contact for more information.