This page is a compilation of examples from recordings Human players have curated using autoNoiseCreationStation during it’s creation and development process.
Due to Soundcloud’s 3 hour limit, we can only provide short snipplets of the audio recordings, which we have hours and hours archived.

April 2017
4 to the Floor examples.
Testing the aNCS new GUI in the House beat format.

March 2017

A good friend and talented multi-instrumentalist Jack Rowe came to visit and was left alone with the new virtual loopers during [another] reconstruction.
Here is an example of his quick session.

March 2017

Some old friends and fellow musicians came over to test a new GUI for aNCS.
Pointed out a few things that could be improved.
In the process, here are some examples of the diverse music they created.

March 2017

Virtual Looper example, Recorded during it’s tests.
So far we have two live loopers recording from either Line in or Microphone.
Each looper has 3 FX banks, in the example we are using real-time traktor12 tools to manipulate the Loop and the live input separately.

March 2017

Mr Wonderful came to play!

February 2017.

Virtual Loopers have been tested and are functioning well.
Scripted to record at the start of phrase in sync with host software.
We are currently implementing in Traktor 12 tools to manipulate loops live and controls for the computer to “automate” elements of that manipulation.

More information soon.