autoGenerated Music

Latest links for sounds generated randomly by the computer.
As we write new code, more functions become available for the computer to make decisions from.
Decisions are made rhythmically, OSC/MIDI tempo sync from custom selectable clocks built in Reaktor 5.
Created using Native Instruments Technology.

March 2017

Today we implemented an automatic mathematical lullaby maker. More information soon.

March 2017

The Machine loves making Gabba. Fast and Slow.

8th March

The code is only currently capable of calculating a scale.
(Ionian, Dorian, Minor, Phrygian, etc)
From that scale it also calculates 5 chord options
(Triad – 7th – 9th – 11th – 13th)
It then calculates 8 different arpeggio options from the Degrees of the current scale.

7th March

Whilst bug fixing yesterdays work, I had noticed some irregularities in the way our system handled the code.
Certain denominations of the clock pulse weren’t counting accurately during iteration.
Also our Arpeggio maths looks solid, but acts unusually.. It makes choices of it’s own even when monitors show it doing otherwise…
No doubt, our budget array of partially functioning technology is to blame, thus the concept of a Artificially intelligent composition companion is out of the question until we figure out a few more of the meanings of life.
I’m to settle with the beast i’ve created for now. Tomorrow i’ll introduce her to the pack, see how they get along.


6th March

Chords, Scales and Arpeggios have been Re-coded in.
The computer is given less of a chance to improvise, and has less knowledge to work from.
However a solid foundation has been created and the rest can be added with time and bug fixing.
With this comes the basic capacity to teach it about dynamic structures.. Harmonic Progressions..
Hopefully within the week, it’ll be able to create 4 chord melodies on tap.

1st March 2017

Chords, Scales and Arpeggio have been programmed in, this is a miscarriage of it’s creations.
Promising start.
[edit] It was a total failure. Computer still makes it’s own decisions. We’ve fallen out and i’ve deleted the code.
Lets start from fresh…

February 2017


First from the MK6 Drum Sequencer.  All Beat patterns and drum selections are randomised.
In the example, the computer works with a pick and mix sample bank of 2100 options.
It’s messy… but merely proof of stabiity.. which is, Music to my ears.

February 2017.


First example of the computer making music using an 8 track sequencer and 8 samplers.
All beats and sample selections are chosen at random, glitch controls are applied randomly.
Some mute commands are controlled by the user only.
Last Recording from MK5 Lemur template. Created using 32″ IF touch screen and Odroid XU4.

January 2017

Experiments with Random Scripts. 128 options per sampler, 3 clocks at set values. Pick and mix madness.
This is a short snippet of the stability tests. Un-adulterated noise.