OSC / MIDI Hardware – Custom VSTi and DAW Controllers for Live and Studio Environments

Welcome to autoNoiseCreationStation.
aNCS is a collection of touch screen tools and hardware toys for Live audio/Visual composition and manipulation.
Lets Talk Noise Generation.
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Arduino Based Projects:

We aim to develop a selection of innovative MIDI and OSC hardware controllers to better control our live performances and compose music on a DAW.
An obvious place to start learning how to do this was with the Arduino, and with respect to the open source community, We will share our projects here so you can build your own controllers.
We will also offer kits and complete units at the cheapest price possibly available.

The 4 Arduino Projects that follow are only development and debugging models.
Use them to build your own designs.

Major Minor 4 chord Sequencer.
[link to page]
Smallest 7 Note autoScale MIDI Keyboard. 
[link to page]
Traktor12 MIDI FX controller.
[link to page]
OSC Reaktor 2OSC Synthesiser.
[link to page]


STMicroElectronics Development:

Our Intention is to create high quality customisable tools for Live Audio and Visual manipulation.
Using the STM core processors and the OSC protocol, we can send audio and control information over a network to multiple devices, at 5v and 1-2a it is an ideal and inexpensive solution to latency free control of live environments.

Our designs hope to first focus on control of VSTi’s with OSC in Live environments.
More information available soon.
In the meanwhile, anyone curious can check out MIDIbox for more information about where to get started making your own MIDI controllers.

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