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Welcome to autoNoiseCreationStation.
aNCS is a collection of touch screen tools and hardware toys for Live audio/Visual composition and manipulation.
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32″ Touch Screen Projects

Software Requirements:
Reaktor 6 (PC/Mac) or Reaktor Free Player. Liine Lemur app (Android). LoopMidi / VirtualMIDI. DAW of choice.
Hardware Requirements:
PC/Laptop (Reaktor Free player Spec Minimum). Android Micro Computer with Ethernet out and 6 point Touch Compatible Display.  LAN/WIFI Network Switch.
Recommended Hardware:
Low end I7 with 8gb ram and 500gb hard disk space. rPi or Odroid quad core micro controller, 2gb ram and Built in LAN support. Infra-red or Capacitive 32″ Touch Controller and 32″ TV/Monitor display (@1080).

[Diagram of above connection]

The set-up allows for the sending of MIDI and OSC messages from the touch controller to the host via a wired network.
OSC was implemented into aNCS to avoid stability and latency issues when using MIDI over a wireless network, to save (sacred) USB ports and their bandwidth limits.
Reaktor can be used as an OSC to MIDI converter. The benefits of which is that all incoming commands are routed to a synced output.
eg. DAW clock (Master) –[loop-midi]–> Reaktor (Slave) —> Clock 1-8 derivatives (Independent).
[Diagram of above connection]
MIDI can be recorded into DAW live.No more need for Mouse and Hours behind beat grids.

[Video link]

Current Features:

drumSequencer v1.0 :

Custom 8 Channel 64 (4×16) step MIDI DAW Sequencer.
Each channel includes 4 Banks with 128 samples per bank (512).
Each channel has an independant clock, allowing for quick creation of complex time signatures and interesting polytrythmns.
Volumes, Mutes, Solo and AUX DAW controls.
Create, store and recall presets. Randomise your presets, Humanise your beats and Morph between Genres with controls unavailable in your DAW.
autoPilotMode – Let the Sequencer play itself.

[youtube link]

Loop Sampler v1.0 :
8 channel latching programmable loop sampler.
Basic DAW functions – Mute, Solo, AUX.
autoPilotMode – Loop sampler random selection (genre dependant).
FX and glitcher quick controls.
Using NI Kontact Player

[youtube link]

chordSequencer v1.0 :
16step piano/synth chord sequencer and generative arpeggiator and bassline sequencers.
Choose Root Note, Scale Formula, Chord type and Inversions.
8 “fingered” Left/Right hand chord options with custom spread, velocity, sustain and delay
User controlled Arp and Bass “Riffs are generated automatically from interchangable chord logic and formula.
4 independant clocks for polyrythmic control.

[youtube link]

autoBreakBeat Generator v1.0:
For Lovers of BreakBeat, D+B, Techno and Gabba, the aBBg takes 32 pre-cut samples and allows you to re-order them live.
Lots of random functions, lots of different ways to morph, glitch and stutter your breaks.
Two layers of beat generator (MIDI noteout information), 4 banks of 4 break loops per Layer.
See Video for more information.

[Youtube link]


Planned Features:

drumSequencer 2.0:
When Triplets are selected, sequence will change from 16 to 12 cells (selectable option)
Total overhaul of OSC receive array management. Currently the sequencer input data is completely virtual and has no accessable variables on the Host computer. This prevents Reaktor from effectively randomising and morphing between the beat patterns in the selected presets.In order to preserve the scripted randomisations on Lemur and use R6’s functionality simultaniously, a method to have Controller *and/or* Host Computer take control is necessary.
I hope that this can be achieved with the following arrangement.
OSC IN –> Router [16] & Event Table (Seq) –> Processing.
OSC IN –> Router [16]————–> Router [16] -> Gate.
This will allow for the saving and loading of presets from the Host live, no more coding complex patterns Bitwise.This will also unlock the potential to send OSC data back to Lemur’s Sequencer to ensure the controller is always a visual representation of the current beat.

chordSequencer 2.0:
Total Overhaul Required.Define blocks for each instrument. Kill Midi Iterations (aNCS 1.2).Sequence ALL options on Multiplexer or events table seq. Different Gate method.Impliment alternative methods of Arpeggio and Bass formula selection. Change GUI to 30 note bi-polar grids ((1 oct + 3 semitones)*2)Impliment Chord Chooser, Using Cycles of 5ths, 7ths and 9ths. Standard Song building rules.Clean Scale Scripts. Rebuild Scale Filters and build a bypassable MIDI NOTE router for incoming instruments (forced through autoScaleFilter) to ensure players are always in key with the current sequence.

New Modules in Progress:

autoTekBass Generator – Simple Monophonic Techno bassline generator and FX controller.
soundScraper – A polyphonic controller for basic soundscaping and ambient sound generators.
autoShapes – a simple breakgrid side chain compression controller for house/del mer style compositions.
virtualLoopPedals – Virtual Loop and FX controller. Live musicians can play with aNCS.

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